Kenwood NX-5800


• Multi-Protocol operation in P25 (Phase I&II),
NXDN® protocols
• Mixed Digital & FM Analog Operation allows
intelligent migration in mixed sites and easy
migration with digital radios in other sites
• Large, Color 2.55" (154 x 422 pixels) TFT Display
for at-a-glance operational status checking
• Easy to follow GUI and Multi-line Text to convey
more information
• Dual Remote Control Head Option and
Multi-Band (Multi RF Deck) Control Option
providing scalable configurations for various
operations and applications
• Built-In GPS Receiver/Antenna for effective
fleet management
• Bluetooth® Module built-in for hands-free
• Active Noise Reduction (ANR) utilizing built-in
DSP for suppression of ambient noise
• Renowned KENWOOD Digital Audio Quality
• Built-in 56-bit DES Encryption
• Optional 256-bit AES Encryption
• microSD/microSDHC Memory Card Slot for
increased memory capacity for “Voice & Data”
• IP54/55 and MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G


• 5 W – 50 W (136-174 MHz) Models
• 5 W – 45 W (380-470, 450-520 MHz) Models
• Maximum of 4,000 CH/Radio capacity, 512

CH/Zone, 128 Zones

• DB-25 Accessory Connector
• 4 W Speaker Audio


• P25 Conventional Trunking (Phase 1/Phase 2)
• AMBE+2™ Enhanced Vocoder
• Talk Group ID Lists
• Individual ID Lists
• Caller ID Display
• Remote Monitor/Remote Check
• Radio Inhibit
• Encryption Key Zeroize & Retention
• P25 GPS Location
• P25 Over-the-Air Re-keying
• Over-the-Air Programming*2


• NXDN® Conventional/Trunking Protocol*1
• 6.25 & 12.5 kHz Channels
• Over-the-Air Alias
• Over-the-Air Programming*2
• Paging Call
• Emergency Call
• All Group Call
• Status Messaging*3
• Remote Stun/Kill*3
• Remote Check*3
• Short & Long Data Messages*3
• GPS Location
• NXDN® Digital Scrambler Included
*1 Only supports TYPE-C Protocol
*2 Requires KENWOOD OTAP Management software.
*3 Requires NX subscriber unit PC serial interface compatible
software application (e.g. KENWOOD AVL & Dispatch
Messaging software) or hardware (e.g. console).


• Conventional & LTR Zones
• FleetSync®/II: PTT ID ANI / Caller ID Display,
Selective Group Call, Emergency Status / Text
• MDC-1200: PTT ID ANI / Caller ID Display,
Emergency, Radio Check / Inhibit
• QT / DQT & Two-Tone
• Built-in Voice Inversion Scrambler


The NX-5700(B)/5800(B) allows users to create a
variety of configurations to suit different
requirements by combining different options.

• Single RF Deck/Single Remote Control Head:
The simplest configuration can be achieved by
turning the front control panel of the
NX-5700/5800 into a Remote Control Head.
• Single RF Deck/Dual Remote Control Heads*:
One controller can be mounted on the
dashboard, with the other at the rear.
• Dual RF Decks/Single Remote Control Head*:
You can operate two radios (e.g. VHF and UHF
bands) as if they were one by adding an
NX-5700B/5800B RF Deck.
• Dual RF Decks/Dual Remote Control Heads*:
This adds the convenience of a dual control
head to the above configuration. Advantage:
2 operators can control 2 radios (e.g. VHF and
UHF bands) from separate control heads.

*Available later